Facebook And Its Impact On Our Lives

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The popularity of blogs, twitter, and YouTube has grown throughout the years. These certain social websites have been able to let people converse with people all around the world with just a click with a button. For example, blogs have let people write their stories and share them with the world to either helps others that are having the same issues or just to get their experiences and writing out there in the world for someone to read. In the end blogging helps others communicate and connect with others in surrounding areas or with shared interest. Twitter has the same concept as blogging does. Although blogging doesn’t have a limited amount of words you can write, twitter does. With twitter you use a story that you have and or something you want to say and say the important facts within 140 characters. This allows bloggers and other people out in the world to share important things fast and easy. Twitter, just like blogging allows one to share information to others in common interest and or others around the world. YouTube on the other hand, is just like twitter and blogs except you can actually video yourself and or whatever it is you want to share with others. Overall, the popularity of these three social media sites has grown due to their worldwide coverage. These sites let anyone post anything they would like and it shares with others in minutes. It is the new hot way to get news around fast! The themes that writers have focused on as they have sought to enter the conversation of surrounding the use of electronic media are simply the speed and the amount of people who see it. I say this because in each essay they talk about how their certain social media site allows for anyone to be able to express their minds, give opinion... ... middle of paper ... ...ost rather than all the extra fluff. Lastly, with YouTube people are able to watch the news over and over again on their own time. This allows people to really pay close attention to what the writer is saying. With all of this, it helps the original journalism greatly. It helps create a broader audience and helps generate stories quicker for the public to read. In the end, Each author makes strong points on how each of the social media sites they chose to talk about benefits and depletes the original journalism way. They all use accurate information to support their claim but they all use a counterargument to really get the readers to open up their mind and really think and question what the author is trying to say. With this, it allows us to see how over the years journalism has changed but also how these certain social media sites has shaped and created our future
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