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In today’s age of internet and social media, almost everyone has a Facebook page. Most people use Facebook as a way to communicate with old friends and family that may live far away. Others use it to promote a business or event. Facebook has negative and positive aspects. Facebook is a great, as users can create and customize their own profiles with photos, videos, and other information about themselves. Facebook also has an option where a user can private message another user without having to know their personal email address. Friends can also browse the profiles of other friends’ pages and comment on their updated status or just write on the wall of the person. Facebook is a great website for finding old friends and connecting to new ones. Facebook timeline is also great for networking, whether it be for personal choices such as dating or meeting new people, or for business choices such as promoting a business or event. Facebook does have some negative aspects such as privacy. There have been many changes to the Facebook privacy settings where a user may not realize they are sharing their posts publicly. Also a user can over share, such as posting pictures and tagging friends that others may not want posted. Another disadvantage is Facebook is time consuming. Users can find themselves spending too much time on Facebook and rarely engaging in face to face contact with their friends and family. Overall, despite a few drawbacks, Facebook is a great form of social media, easy to use, and a great way to stay connected with friends and family.
With so many people on Facebook and the site being so popular, it is east to reconnect with friends and family. For many people, one of the best uses of the internet is the ...

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Overall, Facebook is a great resource to connect and stay connected with friends and family. It allows users to see what is going on in their loved ones life and feel somewhat involved. The site does have a negative aspect in terms of privacy for some people. This can range from people knowing where you are via the “check-in” option, being tagged in pictures or videos that you do not want other people to view, or companies and authorities using the website for their own interests. Whatever the reason is for a person to create a Facebook profile, as with all social media, it is best to use precautions about what is posted and who a person connects with to safeguard a person’s privacy. All in all, Facebook has millions of members and I am sure this will continue to grow as web technology becomes more advanced and widely used through out the world.
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