Face To Face Communication Essay

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We have started to lose contact with one another through face to face encounters. We now live in a world where communication through technology is almost mandatory. Anywhere you go you will see people texting, emailing, and using multiple sources of social media. Its rare that we leave the house and not see someone using their phone. Our children are struggling to use verbal communication to express their feelings. We as a nation should limit cell phone usage to improve our social in person interaction. Cell phones offer unique communication challenges for users and also those who they are being ignored in the process. Cell phones disconnect us from the people that are physically around us. Kids give attention to friends through text during…show more content…
This is not a good thing because the intended becomes misinterpreted, how one sends a message is determining many factors to how the message is interpreted by the receiver, which may lead to problems they don’t know how to talk about. The excess use of cell phones has affected me personally because whenever I am in a situation, instead of trying to make a conversation I resort to my cell phone because I feel I can say whatever I want without consequence, which leads to further confrontation that I am unsure how to handle through face to face communication. Face to face communication between teenagers is being suppressed by social networks. A phone call is not used to just get a hold of someone anymore; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the main tools of communication, which we operate from our cell phones. How many likes and comments one receives can make or break a person’s day. Kids can be cruel and it is easy for them to write hurtful things through text rather than to ones face. Consequences of this are social awkwardness and social anxiety when meeting new people in person. They simply do not know how to socialize with one
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