FUV Marketing Strategy

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The best way to describe a product like FUV, would be to start at the origins of its innovative discovery. FUV is a mobile application developed with three things in mind: time management, convenience, and fridge-pantry efficiency. Our company’s vision is to avoid adding stress to our daily lives by suggesting recipes for homemade meals people can prepare using ingredients that they already have. This helps to eliminate food waste while also saving users money. The main concept behind FUV is combing food and convenience in a way that users have not yet experienced. Initially, potential brand names included: foovement (food/movement), foodvenience (food/convenience). Each worked well for the product, but the shortened “FUV” reinforced the idea of effortlessness that the app provides. Market research based on Google Play and Amazon Kindle suggest that shortening the name makes for a more attractive app (Google Play, 2016) (Amazon, 2016). The brand a product holds is more than merely a name. Market research professionals suggest that the brand has a far reaching marketing impact (Brand Marketing, 2012). Branding provides name recognition, but also entices prospective users to try the product. FUV is more than simply letters. Its meaning is based upon the ideal and morals of the…show more content…
According to Kissmetrics (2016), a blog made famous for its market, analytics, and testing research, one of the top five mistakes an app developer can make in consumer retention is to assume that consumers will comeback, or continue to use the app. In the mobile app market, using pictures, detailed descriptions, and simple phrasing in the app store is the best way to showcase the app’s features, uses, and advantages. Featuring positive reviews is also beneficial as it allows prospective users to read about the experience of actual

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