FINO Visit

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Business Correspondence (BC) model or the third party agent banking was launched in 2006 in India, with the intent of in¬creasing the ambit of the formal banking sector. Since its inception in 2006, various banks have promoted the BC model in all corners of the country.

In the rural areas around Bangalore, SBI has entered into partnership with FINO for the extension of banking services through the BC model. FINO is delivering the BC services through “FINO Fintech Foundation” which is a section 25 company.

Recently members from IFMR Finance foundation (IFF) and IFMR Rural Finance visited the FINO Customer Service Points (CSP) in the area to understand better the working of their BC model and to interact with the FINO CSPs and their clients. The team visited the Ramanagar and Gulberga blocks near Bangalore along with the respective block-coordinators, and was guided by Mr. Sharan, District coordinator of FINO. The visit enabled us to have deeper insights into the pros and cons of the BC model, which would be relevant for developing the partnership that IFF has entered w...
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