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Critical thinking can be used in certain aspects of problem solving and requires various types of skills. People must be motivated and not afraid to use their critical thinking skills to solve various troubles that can and will arise.
Problem Statement
What are the issues and the conclusion? We as readers and listeners in today’s society always seem to believe everything that we read and hear without digging a little deeper to actually find out if it is the truth.
Critical thinking is a skill that we are not born with, but with some knowledge and practice it is a tool that can be used very effectively. Becoming a critical thinker takes time, practice and lots of thought. We as humans always try to force our view upon other people and of course we assume that we are always right. From the other perspective when we have an opinion forced upon us we naturally get defensive. We as critical thinkers need to be open to other people’s opinion but listen with caution to all of the facts before we make any assumptions or judgments.
1. Don’t always believe everything that you hear and always ask yourself what the issue is.

2. Always try to find the conclusion and look for indicator words.
3. Remember what the conclusion is not. Conclusions will not be any of the following:

a. Examples
b. Statistics
c. Definitions
d. Background Information
e. Evidence
My selected recommendation is:

• Don’t always believe everything that you hear and always ask yourself what the issue is.

• Understanding and listening will make you more aware of the real issue and will help you become a better critical thinker.
• Learning to listen will help you in many aspects of not only your personal life but it can be a very strong aide on your professional life.


• We can become very skeptical about everything. Sometimes we need to sit back and ask ourselves when is critical thinking necessary.
• Critical thinking is a very powerful tool and used for the wrong purpose you can damage ones character.


• We as critical thinkers have the opportunity to see things very clearly and realize when the wool is being pulled over our eyes.
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