FDR and Pearl Harbor

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Theory states that man has evolved from primates or apes. This theory is known as Evolution. It was introduced by Charles Darwin in 1859. Before Evolution, Creationism was taught in school until the late 19th century. Creationism is the teaching that God has created everything. It use to be illegal to teach evolution in public high schools. But in 1925, a man by the name John Scopes, a high school biology teacher, decided to teach the theory Evolution. It happened in the state of Tennessee. He violated the law that made it illegal of the teaching of Evolution. So John Scopes was sent to trial. The trial was then known as the Scopes Monkey Trial. The Scopes Monkey Trial was necessary because Scopes was not suppose to be teaching Evolution, science has proven that it is wrong, and everyone has a right to their own beliefs.
Evolution was not always taught in public schools. There use to be a time to where it was illegal to teach Evolution at all, especially in the state of Tennessee. There was something called the Butler Act. This act states many things. One of the things that it states is that it is not only illegal to teach Evolution, but it prohibits public school teachers from denying Biblical account of man’s origin. This act was put in place as Tennessee Code Annotated Title 49 (Education) Section 1922. It also states that human beings should not be compared to animals which are considered a lower rank. If a teacher was found teaching this theory, they would have been fined $100-$500. This act did not deny the teaching of the descendants of apes from protozoa, or the teachings of geology, or even the age of the Earth.The book of Genesis (the first book in the Bible) did not even have to be taught. All the Butler Act ...

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... origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status shall not face discrimination. We are all equally entitled to our human rights with any discrimination. Sitting in class and listening to someone tell their students that their beliefs are wrong is discrimination towards the students. They are being told that everything they believe in is false. We each have our own beliefs.
By the three examples stated above, it was necessary for John Scopes to go to trial. He had violated and broke the law, so it was also necessary to fine him as well. The Scopes Monkey Trial is a case that will be remembered for all of U.S. history. First, he was not suppose to be teaching Evolution. Secondly, science has proven that Evolution is false. Finally, everyone has a right to their own beliefs. These are my opinions based solely on the research I have done on this topic.
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