F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby

The year is 1929 in the beautiful city of New York. Nick Carraway, the main character, is seen in what appears to be in a therapeutic office with his doctor, who suggest for Carraway to write about what has been the cause of his depression and alcoholism; persuaded Carraway backtracks to a few years back and begins to write what started it all. Seven years back, 1922 to be specific, it’s the roaring 20’s and Carraway recently moved into a little cottage on Long Island adjacent to a mansion owned by the filthy rich Jay Gatsby. After Carraway presents himself at one of Gatsby’s outrageous parties, his life takes a 180-degree turn. Carraway is driven to initiate a love triangle between Gatsby and Daisy, which drives her crazy and starts to question her marriage with Tom. Carraway gets stuck between helping a good friend or doing the right thing, eventually ends up helping Gatsby on winning Daisy back by arranging secret meet ups between then two. The actions he chooses to go forward with makes him naïve allowing him to mix in with the wrong crowd and “take part in the decadence of his age.” Daisy Fay was Gatsby old lover when he was stationed in the South during World War I, but later decides to marry Tom Buchanan, a wealthy man. Form the beginning it is apparent that she’s an immoral character for many reasons. Daisy decides to lead on Gatsby by rekindling an old flame and giving him hope on having another chance with her, but walks out on him when Tom starts to notice a difference in her character and tries to interfere with the affair. Not only is she dishonest but also a consumerist who drove off after hitting a woman with Gatsby car and allows Gatsby to take the blame for it; which he is later killed by the wom...

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...rset dress, which is a symbolism for passion and sin. For Gatsby, it’s a tuxedo which can symbolize wanting to marry Daisy or his death. The costumes for the female characters are very shimmery, the same way it was in the 1920s and prohibition. As for music Luhrman stated that his desire was “to blend the music of the Jazz Age associated with the 1922 setting of the story with a modern spin.” Even though the film was back in the days, it contributed a lot of modern pop star singers in the soundtrack, which made it more relatable to the audience.

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