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Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald

Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald was a writer, American Socialite, and an artist. She is the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald, who strongly influenced his work. Zelda’s works of literature and artwork help defined the roars twenties. Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald was born on Tuesday, 24 July 1900, to Minerva Bucker Machen Sayre and Anthony Dickson Sayre in Montgomery, Alabama. Her mother named herself “for a myth, was known locally as an avid reader” (Cline 1). Her father on the other hand was an “Alabama Supreme Court Justice” (Curnutt). Zelda was the youngest child to be born from her parents. Zelda went to Sidney Lanier High School in 1914. Zelda’s teachers found her to be mischievous, but also an apt pupil (Milford 12). During her first year in Sidney Lanier High School “she maintained a high B average… and consistently did well in English and mathematics” (Milford 12). Shortly after a month graduating from Sidney Lanier High School, she met F. Scott Fitzgerald in July, 1918 (Curnutt). In July, 1918 “Zelda met Scott Fitzgerald at the country club” (Milford 24). Scott Fitzgerald was born in September, 1896, in St. Paul, he was a Roman Catholic and a Midwesterner (Milford 25). Scott begin to call Zelda daily, and visited her on his free …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that zelda sayre fitzgerald was a writer, american socialite, and an artist. her works of literature and artwork helped define the roars twenties.
  • Narrates how zelda went to sidney lanier high school in 1914. she maintained a high b average and consistently did well in english and mathematics.
  • Narrates how zelda met scott fitzgerald at the country club in july 1918, and they were married in the rectory of st. patrick’s cathedral on april 3, 1920.
  • Compares zelda's life in new york and that of scott fitzgerald, who was a successful writer.
  • Explains that zelda and scott have been drinking heavily and going to parties in new york. scott earned $18,850 as a professional writer in 1920.
  • Analyzes how fitzgerald's highly publicized and stormy relationship began to break down as zelda sought outlets for her own creativity. she was easily distracted and even the simplest conversations were difficult to maintain.
  • Narrates how zelda entered a hospital called malmasion on the outskirts of paris on april 23, 1930. she was intoxicated and left the hospital on may 2, against her doctor's wishes.
  • Explains that zelda was placed under the care of dr.foreal at prangins in 1993 and again in 1934. the first night was difficult, for she was naturally anxious and ill at ease.
  • Analyzes how zelda's illness improved when scott returned to america for his father’s funeral. she ate her meal with other patients and her relationship with scott became loving and less charged with bitterness.
  • Narrates how zelda entered johns hopkins university's phipps clinic, where she completed her only novel, save me the waltz, and scott returned to montgomery feeling depressed about her relapse.
  • Explains that zelda sayre fitzgerald was an american writer, artiest, dancer, and the wife of f. scott fitzgerald, who she strongly influenced his work.

Zelda “was in a state of extreme anxiety” (Milford 158) when she entered the hospital. Zelda was pacing around her room saying ‘It’s dreadful, it’s horrible, what’s to become of me, I must work and I won’t be able to, I should die, but I must work. I’ll never be cured.’ (Cline 158). When Zelda entered the hospital “she was slightly intoxicated” (Milford 158). “The doctors saw [alcohol] as one cause for her anxiety attacks” (Cline 259). Zelda left the hospital on May 2nd against her doctor’s wishes (Cline 259). Zelda was diagnosed as a schizophrenic by Dr. Forel (Milford

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