F. Scott Fitzgerald

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F Scott Fitzgerald was one of the most influential authors of the 20th century. Although his last finished work was more than 60 years ago, today they are enjoyed with more enthusiasm and acclaim than they were when they were written. His works are cited as an influence for many other authors. Fitzgerald saw his writing as a reflection of his own life. His works are closely based on his experiences at Princeton, in World War 1 and his love life. Although he was not overly popular at the time of his death, today, he is regarded as one of the best authors of the modern era.
F. Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24, of 1896, in St. Paul, Minnesota (Coale 190). He was the only son of four children to his parents, Edward and Mollie Fitzgerald (Doreski 99). Fitzgerald, as a child, went to the Newman School, which was a Catholic prep school in New Jersey, where he met a priest that offered him encouragement to write (Bruccoli). He began attending Princeton University the fall semester of 1913, at the age of 16. In the fall of 1913, at the age of 16, Fitzgerald began attending Princeton University (Shain). However, he became preoccupied with his literary apprenticeship rather than his school work. Because of this, he was put on academic probation (Bruccoli). In 1917, Fitzgerald left Princeton, without a degree, to join the United States Army (Coale 190). Working his way up the ranks, Fitzgerald rose to the rank of lieutenant. In 1918, He was assigned to Camp Sheridan, Alabama. While at Camp Sheridan, he found his true love, Zelda Sayre.
Zelda was the daughter of a wealthy Supreme Court Judge in Alabama. He fell in love with her when she was eighteen years old (Bruccoli). He met her at a country club in Montgomery, Alab...

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