F. Scott Fitzgerald

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In life most people have some type of obstacle or problem in the way of their path. Just like F. Scott Fitzgerald who had many issues dealing with alcohol and other problems throughout the course of his life. Some of these obstacles were difficult to deal with, so F. Scott Fitzgerald found inspiration through his wife Zelda Sayre, who was reason behind many books. As proof by his willingness to his wife and dedication to his work, leads to conclude F. Scott Fitzgerald was ambitious and goal driven by not only outer surroundings but his ever so important American Dream. Fitzgerald was by far one of the most important classic American authors of the Modern Twentieth Century, creating many of the books that deeply impacted society and the Jazz age as it was in the 1920’s and 30’s. Through many aspects of his life he was unsure of himself but was a very good social talker, very likeable to other people and extremely humble, which was why he became such an important figure of the 1920’s. These adroit qualities played had a huge role, in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s need for knowledge and change for inventive human advancement. F. Scott Fitzgerald was not born in Maryland but made a huge difference there with all his novels and short stories, developing the cultures and changing life there for many years to come.

In his first novel, This Side of Paradise, Fitzgerald characterized the philosophy of the era with the statement that “His generation had grew up to find all Gods dead, all warfare’s fought, and all faiths in adult males shaken” (Side of Paradise pg. 307). Thus proving his mentality of the time period and how his thoughts in reality closely related to his book. This Side of Paradise is a story based on the age and growth of a boy ...

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...s between his life and his writings. Jeffery Meyers states that, "It discusses the meaning as well as the events of his life," and, "seeks to illuminate the recurrent patterns that reveal his inner self."(Scott Fitzgerald Biography pg164). This quote explains how Meyers views Fitzgerald’s life through The Great Gatsby and notices the same situations in the book as in Fitzgerald’s own life, which comes to show how F. Scott Fitzgerald really pours his life experiences into his writings and incorporates his own beliefs into his work.

With these aspects, and many others, Meyers gives an overview of Fitzgerald’s pedestrian life, without forcing his own opinion on the subject towards the reader. Meyers cleverly woven primary quotations, terminology, and excerpts from Fitzgerald's writing in a understandable yet thought provoking manner shows he is a very complex man.