F. Movie: The Lovely Bones By Alice Sebold

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Looking back, I can clearly remember the moment where I fell in love with murder mysteries. I can recall sitting on the couch with my dad as a young boy admiring the detectives on CSI as they tried to solve each case. The thrill of wondering whether or not they would find the true culprits would entice my young mind. This sense of wonder has stuck with me to this day. The book The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold is a thrilling tale about a young girl getting murdered. The movie of the same name, directed by Peter Jackson is pretty good too. The book, however; is far more superior than the movie because of its detail of events, openness of the characters feelings, and has far more meat to the story. The story begins with the main character Susie Salmons explaining how she was raped and murdered December 6th, 1973 when she was fourteen years old. On the day of her death, she decided to take a shortcut through a cornfield by her school. A neighbor, Mr. Harvey, was in the cornfield waiting for her and invited her into a fort he had made underground. He trapped her down there, violated her,...

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