Ezra Pound Research Paper

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Although Ezra Pound may not be one of the most prominent authors of history, he is still remarked as being one of the finest to write. Pound moved from place to place constantly collecting new ideas to write about. Even though Pound is best known as a poet, he was also a critic and a broadcaster. He decided to become more involved in society after doing most of his popular works. His most popular endeavor many believe is to be The Cantos. In order for one to gain a full understanding of who Ezra Pound was, they will need to know about his basic life, his work, and his connection to fascism. Ezra Pound’s life was very unique in how many places he lived. Pound was born on October 30, 1885, in Hailey, Idaho (“Ezra Pound,” The…show more content…
Pound had heard of social credit, an economic theory that believed that the poor distribution of wealth was due to the government not having enough purchasing power. He decided to support Benito Mussolini, and would broadcast his fascist ideas over the radio. After the second world war, Pound was arrested for treason against the United States. During his trial he was held on the island of Pisa. There he finished “Pisan Cantos,” which the New York Times claims is one of the best masterpieces of its time. Instead of being placed in prison, Pound was declared insane and implanted in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington D.C. Many authors were troubled about him being detained. Robert Frost was one of the many that requested he be released to live the rest of his life. Pound then returned to Italy for the final time before dying in 1972(“Ezra Pound,” Ezra Pound was one of the most impactful authors to live around his time. He was very confident in his abilities to create good poetry. Pound also was involved in a poetic movement along with broadcasting fascist recordings. Pound’s most prolific piece of art was The Cantos. If a person is able to comprehend Pound’s life, literature talents, and political beliefs, they will have an insight to Pound’s world
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