Ezra Pound Poetry Analysis

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A poet Ezra Pound, by translating 15 Chinese poems written by Li Po into English, made a great contribution to the Chinese literature becoming famous in the Occident. The name of the collection was Cathay (1915), and The River Merchant’s Wife was one of those. The original version of it, 《长干行》 by Li Po will be followed first before the English translation of Ezra Pound.

Literature is always interactive. Thus, not only can the thoughts of people who write/translate it, but also those of people who read it can interfere. Different cultural backgrounds, growth environment etc. of different people will be the factors that can disrupt the intact understanding of the readers. Furthermore, the ‘taste’ of a word also can be related to the perception
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Take a Chinese traditional character 东(東) as an example, he argued that it carried a poetic image of the sun(日) rising in the East and shining on the branches of the trees(木). And he also seemed to believe that as Manchester (1951) once expressed that keeping the soul alive is more important than maintaining the original form since a translator will lose the spirit of the original writer when s/he is obsessed only over the words. As a matter of fact, when the poetic feeling of Ezra Pound’s Fan Piece, for her Imperial Lord is appreciated, a much powerful image can come into readers’ minds; perhaps stronger than the one with ten lines written by Herbert Allen Giles. While reading his English translation, the readers in English-speaking countries can be fallen into an exotic flavor far from Chinese for a moment; such as frost on the leaves, and a white and shiny silk folding fan is laid aside. Without looking at the metaphor beyond the words with studying, it is still a beautiful and mystic scene to…show more content…
The Bible can largely be divided into two parts: the Old and New Testament; it is said that the Old Testament was written in Hebrew and Aramaic language and the New one in Greek originally. And since at first it was written for being recited or spoken aside, the 66 books are still sorted as chapters and verses. Commonly, people consider the Bible as a prose (or novel, for some). Yet, the primitive form of a poem actually can be seen in the Bible, the origin of the ancient Hebrew
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