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Most Chinese parents have a very low tolerance and satisfaction level, unlike American parents who tends to have a higher satisfaction level. You would believe that Chinese parents are looked at as uncaring parents, when they actually are caring parents. They’re not easy to be drawn by their child getting 70 on a test like a American parent would. Also in China and Japan they consider eye contact being very inappropriate in their culture. They believe that they should not be giving eye contact to their superior because it’s disrespectful.
In school, Asian students are known for being quiet and shy in class. Asian parents taught their children to always make eye contact with anyone who may be speaking to them, which in some cultures it is
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Having good eye contact in the United States shows that you are aware about what’s going on and you are interested in what the person is saying. Also, when you are speaking to someone and your eyes are wondering or looking away from them it will let the person know that you are distracted or not listening. In some countries eye contact is not acceptable. In Middle Eastern cultures, Muslim, have rules regarding eye contact between men and women. Women should not give males eye contact due to respect. If you do give any eye contact it should only be for a brief moment.
European American parents are very involved in their children 's education. They take the time to know what’s going on with their child’s learning development at all times. The different values and beliefs cause educators to stereotype European American families. (Gutiérrez & Rogoff, 2003) As a educator it is important understand that all cultural groups don’t follow the same styles of learning, so educators has to understand the families cultures and beliefs, and be able to respect
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Both Caucasians and African Americans send out greeting cards to love ones, attend church services, give gifts, decorate their house with ornaments and lights and have a family dinner. African American families tend to change things around some to have Christmas reflect on Black culture. To Christians and Catholics, Christmas holds a greater meaning than just celebrating it’s also about the basic values of life and religious beliefs. Unlike other cultures Hispanics in Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead which is celebrated through October 31st - November 2nd. It is believed that ancestor’s souls return home for a joyful reunion during these days (Silva, 1995). This holiday is similar to Halloween because they decorate streets with coffins, masks, and skulls. Americans celebrate Halloween but it’s just for spooky fun. Americans still do dress up and decorate the street with skulls, masks and ghost but in Mexico it’s a tradition and beliefs they believe
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