Extreme Execution Case Study

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1325 words

Extreme Execution, Flexible Phases, and X-Team Support Structure
1. Describe the X-Team principle of Extreme Execution. Discuss how to create a safe culture for extreme execution. Describe the tools that can facilitate Extreme Execution. This principle states that in other for a team to successfully execute a project it has to internally coordinate and integrate the efforts of both the internal and external activities this includes .The integration of internal and external activity includes scouting ambassadorship and task coordination ,decision making and problem solving. In other to do this leader needs to create a psychologically safe environment for people so that they can process and reveal the information the team needs. …show more content…

It states that as the job process change a team must be able to change strategy, actions and goals in accordance with it. It is necessary to be able to transcend from one stage to another in other to achieve the groups aim and objectives. (Ancona & Bresman, 2007) p119. These capabilities are central to leadership in the sense that its involves sense making, relating ,visioning and inventing. The sense making entails having knowledge of which the team and members operate. The relating aspect explains developing key relations within the organization and outside the organization. The visioning explains envisioning new ideas and finding creative ways of achieving it. The inventing explains the developing and generating ways to achieve the …show more content…

This involves choosing from a lot of alternatives of ideas and producing a strategy on how they will be able to make trade-offs. The team’s activities here include ambassadorship and task coordination. The key leadership activities here include visioning and inventing.

Exportation: This is the phrase in the team transfers team member’s expertise and enthusiasm to those members who will carry out the team’s activities by bringing the teams creation into display for the organization and the market place to buy in. It is bringing the team’s creation, activities to display. After this display the teams get feedback from the organization and the consumers about their product display. The main activities for the teams in this phrase include Task coordination and ambassadorship. The leadership activity here involves a lot of relating with the organization and the customers.
3. Describe the X-Factors that support the X-Team

In this essay, the author

  • Explains the x-team principle of extreme execution and the tools that can facilitate it.
  • Explains integrated meetings, participatory decision-making procedures, shared timelines, and information management systems.
  • Explains the concept of flexible phases and how the three phases (exploration, exploitation and exportation) work together to product results.
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