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Going into Rpw 210 I had pretty low exceptions. Based off my previous Rpw experience I was expecting a boring teacher,topics and assignments which wouldn't teach me anything. But this class surprised me. Not just the teacher but the readings and bringing in or applying to every day made this class enjoyable.
Last year my rhetoric and professional writing class was dreaded. No one took it seriously. If you looked around the room most students were on their phones. The teacher tried but gave up half- way through the semester, making the class more difficult to attend. When it came to readings, we read short stories that had no meaning. Then while reading the short stories, we had separate assignments on third world countries, our social class and family and later the family heritage. No connection between the two. It became uncomfortable to disclose family or social class information to a class in which I knew no one. I was hoping that in the final there would be a connection but there never was. During class we had to submit hand written paragraph summaries of what happened in class. Meaning if you miss class you were missing out on easy points. So when I had to sign up for rpw 210, I was not ready for another semester of a useless class. The first day I walked in just hoping the teacher was an easy grader and it would be quick. You surprised me. As I started reading Thank You for Arguing I was still uneasy. As time went on Tyfa became relevant to life. I learned a new skill every day which I tried to use on my other professors. Using it in really life or discussing in class became helpful. So I would advise continuing Tyfa,in class discussion and more “games” like the Ugli orange. The class always seemed to enjoy debates, I...

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...commend reading this next time but the standards are set by someone else. Science is a hard topic for students connect with since most of the time its either you love it or you hate it. The reading journals and discussion board post on either book helped to remember and understand each set of chapters. The division of the chapters was the difficult part since most of the longer chapters were assigned during the week instead of the weekend. The use of technology in the class was great since most students nowadays are well versed in it. Using twitter and online resources to your advantage is something I would keep. Having multiple credit opportunities also helped especially when work piled up and then in result the quality faltered.
The teacher,presentation, and overall enthusiasm helped as well because without it all of the students motivation would have fallen off.
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