External Recruitment In Tesco

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Tesco believes in diversity. Tesco shows this by employing people irrespective of age, sex, disability, sexual orientation, race, colour, religion or ethnic origin and by offering flexible working condition (Everyone is Welcome, 2009).

Tesco’s employees profile as of 2014:

Figure 2 Tesco's employees profile (Average Salary for Tesco Plc Employees, 2014)

Tesco hires employees via internal and external recruitment. Tesco will first look at its Internal Talent Plan to fill a vacancy. For external recruitment, Tesco advertises vacancies online. Such vacancies are:
 Customer Assistants (in stores and distribution centres)
Tesco advises future employee to visit the store or centre in person and talk with the people there. Application can also be submitted online. If the application passes the screening, candidates will be invited for an interview and a chance to ‘work’ on the shop floor. Decision will be made known within 10 days (What Happens After I Apply? 2014).

 Managers (stores and depots) and Head Office Positions
If short-listed, the initial online application will be sent to the Tesco Recruitment Centre for a second-round screening. Tesco will then invite successful candidates to do an interview of to attend an assessment centre (Tesco Careers, 2009).

 Pharmacists
Application submitted online will be screened by the pharmacy recruitment team and, if successful, will be forwarded to the relevant Regional Pharmacy Manager. The Regional Pharmacy Manager will conduct an informal telephone interview followed by a detailed structured interview in person (Our Recruitment Process, 2009).

For its employees, Tesco offers four development programmes (Training and Development, 2009):
 Apprenticeship
The apprenticeship at Tesc...

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...ion to join BAYE – a scheme which allows employees to buy shares at the market price every 4 weeks.

In the Privilege Card programme, Tesco’s employees who have worked for six months receive Tesco Privilege Card which entitles them to a 10% discount and Club card points on most Tesco products.

In its pension scheme, Tesco offers competitive pension scheme for its employees and their family.

In its discount scheme, Tesco offers discount on theme parks, holidays, gym membership, health plans, dental cover and private medical insurance.

According to Tesco’s key performance indicators in its 2012 annual report, Tesco was able to retain 90% of its employees in the UK (Key Performance Indicators, 2012).

One study shows that, in general, Tesco PLC’s employees are satisfied with their job.

Figure 3 Employee satisfaction (Average Salary for Tesco PLC Employees, 2014)
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