External Marketing: The Composing Concept Of Internal Marketing

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The so-called internal marketing (Internal Marketing) is the corresponding concept of external marketing (External Marketing), the objective is to make employees love the company, and then make sure they also convince customers to love the company’s brand. The question is why employees don’t automatically love their company and its brand. Frankly, realistically speaking, the purpose of working and earning money for most of people is to be able to support their families. Enterprises can accept mediocre performance, but it is certainly not advocated.
If an employee dislikes its company's brand or product, then he will not find motivations on his work. It is very important for staffs in companyprovide high level of customer services to both new and old customers. Poor customer service will lead the company to bankrupt due to the decrease in number of customer and revenue. In opposite, if an employee interested and loves the brand and products of its firm, he or she will be more passionate in working which again lead to the increase in their coworkers’ motivation at work and therefore, customers will also be affected.
A company set up a strong marketing department, does not mean that the company implemented a marketing orientation; critical issues to implement marketing -oriented company, is to train company managers and employees to accept the concept of customer-oriented. This is more difficult to achieve than to develop a new attractive products or services to customers.Basically, to create an internal marketing of a company is to create a marketing culture in the company. Staffs not only have to be trained to meet customer satisfaction but also gradually identify the consciousness and behavior of the customers.
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...d ideas. In order to make sure its employees can represent a good and correct image to the customers, all the staffs in the apple store are very well known and experts in apple products, since they are also the user of the products at the same time. They are not only working for their wages, they are working as a fan club of apple, to share the concept and broadcast the idea of Apple. The aim is to let people understand a better, unique and simple idea of apple that provides to the customers.
To sum up, internal marketing is very important for modern firms. With a good internal marketing, the firm can have a great staffs to work for it with passion. And the staffs share this passion to the customers to create a good brand image and more brand royalty. In other words, a good internal marketing helps the firm to have a better and easier customer relation management.
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