External Environmental Factors Of Apple Company

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American society encourages its people to believe in themselves and their dreams. No matter how the obstacles are. They must always pursue their goals. This constant encouragement somewhat contributed to where we are now. We are leading the world in all fields, at the forefront of technology. In a garage, Steve jobs and his friend in early seventies believe in their ideas. The result was a giant company called Apple that dominated the market of the personal phone, computer, and other products. Apple become a role model in its field. Apple’s organizational structure, products, the external factors that impacting it, the ways how primary stakeholders can influence its financial performance, and its social responsibility concerns are a major factor…show more content…
Competitor environment and customer environment can play an essential role to either make the company more successful or staying behind. For a company to stay competitive, it has to gather all the information about the other competitors. Their strengths, weaknesses, and their latest projects. As it is known, Samsung is the strongest contender for Apple when it comes to manufacturing personal phones. There is no doubt that Samsung has all the data about Apple. Whenever Apple presents a new product to its clients, Samsung in parallel launches its product that either similar to Apple features or has an advanced technology that differentiates it from Apple. Those types of techniques that Samsung embraced, allow it to compete with Apple for more potential customers. In addition, it helped Samsung shift trends towards its brand. The majority of customers are more attractive to the affordable costs and flexibility. Therefore, Samsung provided its clients with a variety of services that shifted more business from Apple. For instance, Samsung works with Google Play Store. This store offers several free applications that Apple in contrast charge for them. This factor contributed significantly from switching from Apple products to Samsung brands. In addition to the cost of applications, Samsung has more advantage than Apple when it comes to expand the capacity of the memory. It takes only a micro SD…show more content…
They can affect it positively or negatively; therefore, company should be aware about its environment and act depending on the circumstances that surround it. The first stakeholder that can affect the success of each company are employees. If companies have skillful and talented employees, they will perform efficiently. On the other hand, these talented and skillful employees need a good work environment to dawn their talents and creativity. When employees are satisfied with their work environment, the engagement at work increases, which help the company benefit in a long term. A satisfied employee can create an unforgettable experience for customers that will attract them more and maintain their loyalty. Businesses to if they want to maintain their advantage over other firm, they must provide their employees with the right tools, such as the latest technology and resources to compete and achieve objectives. In addition, an empowered employee is an essential capital that successful companies need to have if they want to achieve their financial goal and keep customers satisfied. The second stakeholder that can affect the financial performance of any firms are customers. Customers are whom which companies doing business with. Meet their needs and maintain their loyalty are objectives that every business is willing to do. Firms have to communicate with their customers consistently to figure out their
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