External And Internal Characteristics Of Personality

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Personality consists of different traits that each individual embodies. “A personality is an organized combination of attributes, values, motives, and behaviors unique to an individual” (Sigelman, pg. 332). Each personality is composed of a diverse variety of traits and characteristics that are influenced by our environment, upbringing, experiences, and personal attributes we have attained throughout our lives. These are examples of both external and internal characteristics. External characteristics include the environment and surroundings an individual is amerced in. Internal characteristics include traits such as introversion and extroversion, agreeableness, competence, etc. Self-understanding is how your external characteristics influence…show more content…
This includes the “Big 30” and the “MOTIV” tests. On the “Big 30” test, I was given multiple scores for quite a few different traits. A few of the traits that I tested high in were sociability, vulnerability, cautiousness, altruism. This means that I am friendly, selfless, controlled, and, at times, a little helpless. The traits that I tested low in were intellect, imagination, and aggressiveness, meaning I am non-analytic, realistic, and uncompetitive. I happened to be extremely surprised with the accuracy of this first test. I wouldn’t disagree in the least with these traits for I feel as though I have personally identified myself as having these traits in my…show more content…
My score for “materialistic” expressed that feeling more attractive positively influences my sense of happiness, which could potentially cause me to be shallow and fake. My results for “offbeat” show that I play things too safe and am unable to accept change. My score for “thinking” indicated that I have an inability to make long-term goals or plans. The result for “interpersonal” depicted suggested that I enjoy serving others but could potentially ignore my own needs in the long run. The “vital” score showed that I have poor mental and/or physical health. Lastly, my results for “easygoing” suggested that I am often stressed, exhausted and have anxiety. I would have to disagree with most of the results of this particular personality test. In my personal opinion, I am quite the opposite of materialistic. All my life I have always gone by the idea that things are just things, and don’t hold the value of my life. In terms of mental health, I have suffered from depression and anxiety which I still seem to struggle with, however I find myself to continue to be hard-working, determined, and independent which I believe will help me in completing my long-term goals. In conclusion, I see some accuracy in my results for this test, however disagree with most of
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