External And External Consultant Case Study

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Internal and External Consultants Many companies and organizations want to better their employees by giving them extra training, help with large projects, and resources to learn or to fix situations/issues going on inside of the company. Organizations will hire consultants to help with those situations. Consultants are professionals who provides skilled advice to help solve the problems. There are two types of consultants, external and internal. An external consultant is someone who works for a consultant business/agency, traveling from business to business working with different companies for a certain amount of time. While an internal consultant is someone who is hired and works for that specific company full-time. If a company wants to give…show more content…
They are trained professionals who give skilled advice. Choosing whether an internal or external consultant is right for your business may take some time contemplating to see which works best for your business. Both external and internal have pro’s and con’s like anything else. Having an external consultant is great because you get a fresh set of eyes coming into a place who has no connection and can give a non-biased opinion. While having an internal consultant gives you someone who is employed full-time with company. They have a relationship built with the company and the employees already and knows what the company expects. Either way you choose, hiring a consultant can help make your business a better…show more content…
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