Extermination of Jews in History

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Extermination of Jews in History Jews have been discriminated for hundreds of years, they were made to live in "ghettos", and they have been mistreated and often fall subject to cruel jokes. This is because people blame the death of Jesus Christ on them and Jews often were well educated so got the good jobs or ran shops. Hitler always had hated the Jews immensely and he also blamed the defeat of Germany in the First World War on them. When Hitler took power he took action against the Jews by setting up the boycott of Jewish owned businesses and he also banned them from being able to teach. Hitler introduced the Nuremberg laws in 1935; this law took away Jews German citizenship. In 1938 a German diplomat was killed by a young Jew, Hitler did not tolerate this he gave plain clothed SS men pick axes and sent them to the addresses of Jews, ninety one Jews were killed and synagogues were set alight. This night was to be known as "Kristallnact" or night of the broken glass. Jews were not the only group that Hitler did not agree with. Any one who challenged Nazi ideas, Homosexuals, mentally handicapped, other races and gypsies were also discriminated against. The ghettos were being to fill up and they were full of diseases and were becoming a danger to Germans so the ghettos had to be cleared and as the Nazis took over more countries the more Jews they had. Hitler already had two secret programs of euthanasia or mercy killings. The first programme was for handicapped children; around 5000 handicapped children were put to death by lethal injection. The second programme was adult euthanasia; this had the code name T-4 because the address of the agency's headquarters was a villa at Tiergartenstrasse No. 4 in a suburb of Berlin. So killing the Jews seemed like an effective way of getting rid of the Jews. The Nazis had decided that gassing would be the most effective method and burning the bodies after would be an easy way to get rid of

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