Exterior Facade Smart Materials and Technology

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Literature review provides an opportunity to assess the supportive material as related to a planned proposal. It may also perform the opposite role as one seeks to uphold a studied proposition. This literature review provides insights to the use of double skin facades. Double skin facade relates to the somewhat limited comfort range of the human body, and depends on activity and environmental circumstance. It must examine the broad spectrum of human and environmental needs. Fairly, all available materials are assessed in order to arrive at an informed recommendation or decision. Conceptual Frame Work Creating a net zero building involves many sustainable systems that have to work together in order to succeed. When I chose to create an exterior façade to save energy, the program “Climate Consultant” recommends that I focus on the following systems to keep my building efficient: • Day lighting- to help offset the cost of lighting the space. • Sun Shading- to reduce the need for air conditioning in the summer time. • Passive Solar Design- to provide a free heating and cooling system by exposing the south facing façade to direct sunlight during the winter months, only allowing the interior of the building to absorb the sunlight while shading the summer sun and not allowing it into the building to keep it cooler inside. • Cross Ventilation- Directing the wind through the building at certain times of the year will help cool the building without using energy. • Ceiling Fans- indoor air movement can make it seem cooler. • Sun/Wind Protected outdoor space- extend internal areas outdoor in cooler weather • Limit Floor Plan Size- keeping building small will limit amount of energy needed to heat/cool Spaces. • Plants- along the west façade to shade structure from noon summer sun. The ultimate goal of the smart exterior façade is reaching zero net energy. The smart exterior façade will promote greater utilization of the facility and greater outreach within the community. The following series of articles help define what sustainable strategies work best for the exterior façade of a building. These first two articles deal with double-skin façade systems. The systems and ideas they discuss will be the same idea I will cover in the paper. The first article deals with the openness between exterior spaces and interior spaces in buildings. It explains the use of double skin façade. The smart façade unit was installed at the college of architecture building in Georgia institute of technology as a study model. There are three important elements for using the double-skin system: energy use, visual comfort, and thermal comfort.

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