Exposure by Wlfred Owen

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The poem exposure was written by Wilfred Owen in the winter of 1917, it has all the hard ships of the soldiers and how they felt during the war in horrific conditions that led the soldiers to death. Starting with the first stanza Owen uses different types of techniques to influence the reader about world war one conditions. “Our brains ache” is a short sentence to open with, emphasizes that statement, hyperbole and sets tone for the poem. The quotation which illustrates how Owen and the soldiers felt during the war “Our brains ache, in the merciless iced east winds that knive us...” this this quotation illustrates the hard ships of the soldiers and how they felt. “Winds knive us” is a personification, aggressive metaphor of the weather attacking them. Ellipses in the quotation slows the rhythm down, creates space, pause and waiting, reflecting the content. The whole stanza talks about the soldiers, and the weather conditions, the stanza creates a sense of unbearable and horrendous sites, as the following quotation talks about the effects on soldiers from things around them, “Wearied we keep awake” the use of alliteration, emphasizes the desperation to stay awake despite the tedium also causes the reader to reflect on what is being said. The soldiers have to stay awake during the war and there is no sleep for them. “But nothing happens” is repeated four times in the poem, it highlights the boredom and tedium of the reality. This is worse, in many respects, than fear of fighting.

Wilfred Owen portrays the soldiers/man are being ‘exposed’ to harsh weather conditions on the battlefield and how dangerous it was for the soldiers to live throughout the war. This is illustrated in the following quotation “we only know war lasts, rain soa...

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... before the war. Wilfred, noticing the luminous effect of buttercup petals on brother Harold's boots, announced piously, "Harold's boots are blessed with gold." Wilfred Owen is trying to tell the reader that the soldiers have to go through the horrific battle of war again and again, hour after hour. The soldiers have no time to relax which means nature has left the soldiers and they can’t have any freedom like before. Wilfred Owen has been through this himself and he has been in great danger if dieing and he did just after war ended. Owen tells the reader that once you join the army/war you can’t go back you have to fight day and night for you country there is no sleep and only time you will feel relaxed or free from war is when you die. He is telling us all wars are the same. They are endless.

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