Exposing the Truth in There Are No Children Here

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There Are No Children Here – Exposing the Truth Since I find myself most interested and concerned with the problems of children in our country I have decided to focus on one area densely populated by children who suffer from numerous disadvantages. The modern day ghetto is rampant with violent crime, gang activity, and death. From 1985 to 1993 the amount of children who died as a result of violent death got ten percent worse. Rather than believe otherís opinions as to why this is true I have decided to investigate the situation myself. Rather than just blaming the individuals within the affected areas I would like to expose the reason behind the behavior so as to find where the real fault lies and what the solution is. Los Angeles is a city where fear of crime and criminals is arguably the single most important social and political issue for the majority of citizensî (Zimring Hawkins 46). In other words in Los Angeles there is so much crime and violence that it is the primary concern for the citizens of the area, according to numerous sources it is safe to say this of many urban areas of low socio-economic status. South Central Los Angeles as well as many other ghettos have such widespread gang activity. Gang activity has essentially taken over the normal way of life. Innocent people are no longer safe in their neighborhood. With gang members as young as ten years old, many people wonder, what makes children so violent and deviant at such a young age? Where do people like Kody Scott, an LA gang member notorious for his extreme violence and brutality, come from? Is he to blame? Are his parents to blame? Are these type of people born with violent minds, do they watch too much violent television, are they influenced by violent friends?? It seems as though the answer to this question could be one of a million different possibilities. However, after all the research and reading that I have done regarding this issue I feel as though violent children of the ghetto are not ìbadî at all, but a product of their bad neighborhood. The difference between these two explanations is: A. where the blame lies and B. what are the solutions. It is not only frustrating to me to hear someone blame the individuals for their deviant behavior but it accomplishes nothing.

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