Exposing the Negative Effects of Technology on Kids

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The current generation of children is completely different from the preceding ones. They are living in the digital age. “Technology has blended in with daily activity to become a way of life and children today take for granted all of which is automated. It is hard for kids today to imagine a world that existed without all of the gadgets, electronics and seamless operations that computer technology provides.” (Goessl) “Children in the United States devote some 40 hours a week to television, video games and the Internet.” (Kalb, Raymond and Adams) Many psychologists and researchers are concerned about the impact that technology may have on children. Children, tomorrow’s future parents and leaders, are being consumed by the negative effects that technology had on their development (Goessl). The use of modern technology impairs children by weakening social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. Technology affects social development in children in several different ways. Children acquire electronic games, personal computers, and cell phones at ever-younger ages. “Surveys indicate that about 82% of children are online by 7th grade and experience about 6.5 hours per day of media exposure. Most children communicate more through electronic devices and spend less face time with family members and peers. Text messaging and emails provide limited to no access to other people’s emotions, and the rich language of non verbal communication that is in real-time interactions is lost. The quality of family time is compromised if children are using technology. The family would not be able to talk very much during dinner time because of distractions like watching television, listening to music, checking email, answering the phone, and t... ... middle of paper ... ...audia, Raymond Joan, and Adams Jonathan. "Playing Ye Olde Way." Academic Search Premier. EBSCO, 8 Sept. 2009. Web. 7 Nov. 2014. Kalb, Claudia, Sutherland Benjamin, Adams Jonathan, and Raymond Joan. "The End of Make Believe." Newsweek (Atlantic Edition). Print. LaSalle, LuAnn. "Parents Worry About the Effect of Kids Using Internet Lingo." 20 Mar. 2009. Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 4 Nov. 2014. Leong, Sandra. "Combat Cyberbullying from the Classroom." Asia News Network 18 Oct. 2010. Newspaper Source Plus. Web. 9 Nov. 2014. Leong, Sandra. "Combat Cyberbullying from the Classroom." Newspaper Source Plus. EBSCO, 18 Oct. 2010. Web. Linnell, Charles C. "Technology and Wellness at Home and School." Technology and Children 1 Mar. 2007: 14-15. Print. Stout, Hilary. "Antisocial Networking?" New York Times 30 Apr. 2010. The New York Times. Web. 7 Nov. 2014.
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