Exploring the Significance of Trust

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Trust is the confidence in our reasonable perception of existence, constantly refining and modifying the acquaintance between man and society. In addition, the significance of trust is it's inherent nature to lead mankind towards the evolutionary enlightenment of scientific realism, natural history, and social contracts, all possibly overseen by God's existence. With respect to our engagement with the dichotomies of religion and politics, and of church and state, a trustful continuance by mankind towards understanding assures that new perspectives and applications of social contracts and scientific theories are constantly applied. This establishes the significance of trust as not only the collaboration of races and the co-operation of cultures, but the positive outcome of same. That is, the significance of trust is the mutually beneficial cooperation of mankind, where "Trust, and how we relate to our fellow man, forms part of the “glue” that holds our society together. Without trust, governments could not rule, people cannot work co-operatively together and partners cannot marry"...
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