Exploring the Law Profession

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For a while now, I have been thinking about exploring the possibility of being a lawyer. I have always been interested in public speaking and protecting the innocent people that are harmed by crimes. Once we were given the opportunity to explore a career, the idea quickly popped into my head.

History and Development

Ever since the dawn of civilized people, there has always been someone to stick up for the rights of another. Whether it was the Greek orators who were acting as “friends” or the Roman orators, who practiced as a profession, there was always someone to defend another. Today, we call these people lawyers, or attorneys.

In ancient Greece, the idea of someone defending another was very basic. The primitive forerunner of the lawyer was called an orator. Most of these orators came from Athens, which was the most democratic of all Greek city states. While modern lawyers collect fees, orators could not charge or collect a fee for defending someone, as this was against the law. In most cases, the orators had to play the role of a “friend” and that one was simply being a good neighbor by helping his fellow man, as this was the only loophole. (History of Legal Profession) Thus the real idea of the lawyer came about with the Greeks’ contemporary, the Romans.

Unlike the Greeks, the ancient Romans legalized the profession, but those who practiced the profession had to pay a minor fee. Just as their Greek counterparts, the Roman orators were educated in rhetoric, not law. However, some orators specialized in law, and were known as jurisconsults. These jurisconsults learned law, not as a part of their profession, but as a hobby. They would give their views on legal issues, and would also meet with judges, to come to ...

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