Exploring the American Revolution

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Successful revolt of the thirteen British colonies on the American soil was an

extremely important historical event because United Kingdom eventually recovered from

the loss of its possessions, while the United States of America emerged on the other side of

the Atlantic. The American Revolution has some features that distinguish it from both the

preceding English bourgeois revolution and the Great French Revolution. Thus, the main aim

of the assignment is to explore the American Revolution with all the necessary details.

First of all, it is necessary to mention that the American Revolution has also another

title and is often called the War of Independence; it means that it was the war in a result of

which the colonists of North America were freed from the dominion of the British Empire

and the United States was created. It is a well-known historical fact that Britain despite the

political upheaval of that century was still a strictly hierarchical society, rooted in the feudal

past by the middle of the next century. Meanwhile, on the opposite shore of the Atlantic

Ocean, immigrants who were educated in the religious traditions of Puritanism and who

had experience of development of new lands, were more and more imbued with the spirit

of anti-authoritarianism and self-reliance, while the absence of the aristocracy and the ease

of acquiring land ownership contributed to the emergence of social mobility unprecedented

for Europe. To illustrate the fact, first charters governing the rights of the colonies, admitted

self-government; alternating British administrations allowed the colonists to conduct their

affairs independently (Gerlach, Dolph and Nicholls, 1978). For instance, most of the adult


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...as on the political and legal consciousness of the

In conclusion, we have explored the American Revolution with all the necessary

details, especially dwelling on its features and outcomes. We have also proved that the

American Revolution was essentially a political revolution, performed by the colonists who

refused to obey the imperial rule. Participants of the war, of course, were concerned about

the problems of property rights, but at the heart of the conflict was not the economy, but the

values of democratic government. However, in many ways it was a conservative revolution.

Many famous fighters for independence were extremely reluctant to break with Britain and

recognized its necessity only as a last resort. As a result, it can be said that the American

Revolution was a kind of qualitative leap in the formation and development of the new state.
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