Exploring a Weak Political Argument

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In the article "A Paramedic for Governor", published in October 2003 issue of Emergency Medical Services, Norm Rooker fails to argue why James H. Green should be governor of California. First of all, Rooker dose not provide enough evidence to support his argument. Additionally, his tone is not appropriate for this article. Finally, there is not clear reasoning in the article. Because of these defects in this article Norm fails to convince the reader why paramedic Green should be governor.

First, Norm Rooker is lacking in evidence in the article "A Paramedic for Governor." In the beginning of the article Rooker quotes Green in saying "I don't think I have a snowball's chance in you-know-where of becoming governor." This is unconvincing in that James Green should be governor. If Mr. Green dose not believe in himself then no one else will believe in him or want him as the governor of California. Also, Rooker only puts James' work history and age in his credentials as governor. Rooker dose not effectively list Green's credentials. Finally, the only stance of Mr. Green Norm covers is the issue of the insurance problem California has. If this is the only stance James has as being governor of California then he is lacking in evidence that he will be a good governor for California. The other candidates have many more stances on many more issues as governor. It is really hard to believe that this is the only one Green has.

Another failure of this article is Rooker's tone in the article. Norm Rooker's tone is subjective and dose not assist in conveying the message Rooker is trying to get across. Norm has a much laid back tone which portrays a letter to a friend rather than someone trying to convince his audience that James Green should be governor. Norm titled his article "A Paramedic for Governor" and portrays he believes Green should be governor but dose not portray the same tone in the article. Rooker dose not have a stance at all of weather Green should or should not be governor.

Finally, Norm dose not have clear and consist reasoning in his article "A Paramedic for Governor." The only evidence Rooker puts in his article as to why James should be governor is his stance on making insurance affordable for everyone. Rooker dose not give any other reasoning behind why he believes or dose not believe why Green should be governor.

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