Exploring The World of Mixed Martial Arts

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“In the course of battle you could find a hundred different reasons to give up, but you got to find that one reason to stay in there, one reason to stay in the fire”(Chael sonnen). MMA fighter Chael Sonnen uses the word “fire” to describe how hard the sport of MMA is and how much effort it takes to stay in and not quit. Most people would not even consider this a sport because of its violence and aggression but this is one of the oldest living sports in the world. There’s more to this sport then just fighting. It’s more of an art rather than a fight because to be good at this you must learn several techniques that require time and dedication to master. MMA fighters also have full control of their mental strength, which means they don’t let their emotions get in between their fights. They have trainers, coaches and sparing partners who help them develop perfect technique and this is the difference between a Mixed Martial Artist and regular street fighter who have none of these. Mixed Martial Arts is a combination of different combat sports such as Wrestling, Boxing, Kick Boxing, Sambo, Karate, Sumo, Jiu Jutsu, Tae kwon do and many others. This sport has been around forever but it wasn’t till 2005 when the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champion) broadcasted its first TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) show which showed two teams of fighters competing to win a contract with the UFC. For MMA fighters being part of this community is an honor because it teaches discipline, self defense and most importantly it turns you into a healthier person.
All though being involved in MMA is a healthy lifestyle because of all the workouts you do, there are some negatives to this community. One of them is injuries. Most people probably know this since they watch UF...

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...iscipline only comes from people who are part of the MMA community.

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