Exploring How Shakespeare Builds Tension (Specifically Act 3 Scene 1) in Romeo and Juliet

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This tragic story of two unfortunate lovers who are in deep love but their clashing families’ threat the existence of their relationship but secretly marry and are soon diffused from each other involving a herbal potion, and soon tragedy itself breaks loose. In this essay I’m going to discuss how Shakespeare builds the tension ‘Romeo and Juliet’, specifically concentrating on act 3 scenes 1. I’m going to analyse how the character, action, plot, setting and language build tension in this scene. As well as making references and connections to the play as one piece.

Tragedy is one of the oldest types of drama. Its beginning is obscure, but it is certainly derived from the rich poetic and religious traditions of ancient Greece. Shakespeare got interested by the tragedy genre and changed a Greek story to make one of his first tragedies ‘Romeo and Juliet’. And so on he made more famous tragedies such as, Macbeth and Othello.

This play fits into the tragedy genre because the hero who is Romeo discovers that Juliet is still alive too late and ends up killing himself. This is tragic because in most stories there is a happy ending but in this case you clearly see that these two main characters are meant to be together but plans all go wrong and they die a tragic and suicidal death.

This play is themed in a wide range. For instance, the physical violence plays a big theme role in this scene and the entire play, because you find characters such as Mercutio rising up due to this arrogance and male pride which leads to his end, also these are other themes like light and stars which show different sides to these characters in this scene.

This play fits into the play as a whole because it somehow outlines the moods and themes of the cha...

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...Moreover to me, the main cause of Romeo and Juliet were their own parents and family because the two sets of parents are adults, they’re mature enough to stop the feud and get on with their lives, but they don’t and in the end it takes the lives of Romeo and Juliet. If they had taken a step back and both looked at themselves they would see how immature and puerile they were. They didn't even pay enough attention to see that their children were sneaking off and falling in love, which shows that, did these parents actually love and care for them, because if they did really love them they would’ve known that the way they looked out for them was enough to save their kids lives. As a final point, the key scene (act 3 scene 1) which is the middle of the play and height is at its peak because it holds the audience’s interest since it’s where the greatest tension emerges.
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