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It is best that every college student take the time to consider what career field to enter once finished with their education. Selecting what career path to pursue depends largely on the life experiences of the individual making the decision, and as to what their talents are best suited. I recently took the time to start examining my future career options as well as begin looking at my life experiences and interests to help guide my career decisions. We can all find the career that we will be happy with if we allow ourselves to give the decision the time and effort that it deserves. I have had to make decisions regarding by future career as well as evaluate those decisions. There are many careers that I felt I would be best suited for when I was considering what career I wanted to pursue.

One career that I had thought myself well suited for would have been that of a private business owner. Entrepreneurs are usually self-starters who are passionate about the business they handle, while this is a quality that I do see in myself, it would only be a small part of the attributes required to be successful in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs often have to work in many various areas of the businesses they start. This often requires them to travel around during the typical business day. I have never wanted to be confined to an office while working for a living, and while I knew that traveling and handling business would be good for my career’s psychic income, I felt that it could also become overwhelmingly expensive and tedious. The traveling can be required because many entrepreneurs often have to work at different locations when they start a business because they handle most of the day-to-day tasks. Entrepreneurship also r...

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...skills that each require for success. The career of an entrepreneur or business owner was the most diverse of the career options I considered and while I know that I could do well in whatever career path I choose, I believe that the best career for me to pursue will be that of a military chaplain. I have taken the time here to consider my characteristics and qualifications for the careers I would be interested in pursuing. I would advise all college students considering their future career to weigh the options carefully against their qualifications and interests. The better informed we are on the careers we wish to pursue the more likely we are to find the career we will be most happy with and successful in. The career choices we make today can affect the rest of our lives, but how they affect us depends on how well informed we are when we make the decision.

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