Exploring Baptism

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Exploring Baptism

Rite of Passage is a ceremony that marks the passing of stages in

life. Two fixed things that always happen are birth and death. For a

non-religious person marriage having children, getting old, death is

the usual pattern. Christians have the same things only have

ceremonies too. In a catholic church we have these important

occasions, Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage and death.

Baptism is when we become part of Gods family. It is the sign when

someone has turned from their bad ways and Holy Spirit to guide them.

Christian’s are baptised to follow Jesus’ example. It is a sign of new


In a Roman Catholic Church we are baptised as infants. In infant

baptism children are baptised using a font. Infant baptism is when a

child from a Christian family is invited to become God’s child. As

babies are too young to take vows the parents and God parents do it

for them. Their parents and God parents vow to bring their child up in

a Christian environment.

It starts off with the welcome. The priest asks the parents and God

parents if they will bring up their child as a Christian. He reminds

them of their responsibilities as Parents and God parents. The parents

and God parents make the sign of the cross on the baby’s fore head

following after the priest. A person then comes up to the lectern to

read a piece from the Bible. After, the priest says the homily. He

anoints the baby on the chest with the oil of catechumen. It is a sign

of strength and healing. The priest asks the parents and God parents

if they reject Satan. They reply, “I do”. After the promises are said

the infant is baptised. Water is poured over its head 3 times. The

baby is anointed with the oil of chrism. It is a sign of the lord’s

protection and beauty as the child of God. The white garment the baby

is wearing is a sign of purity and innocence.

The paschal candle is lit during this ceremony.
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