Exploring Aspects of Odysseus

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Exploring Aspects of Odysseus

The first four books are like an introduction to the rest of the book.

Each person encountered and each situation explains further about

Odysseus' personality. The entire book is about his adventures. During

these first few chapters we get to experience Odysseus from other

people's points of view. Before we get to his adventures we learn

about who he is. We can get to know him through his son, his wife, his

homeland, his friends who knew him in battle, and the gods who like or

dislike him.

In Book I, we see Athena and her kindness towards Odysseus through her

visiting Telemachos and making sure that Odysseus gets home safely.

Athena visits Telemachos as a traveler/friend of the family and his

him strength and permission to use his power over the household and

the suitors that are taking advantage of him. This is Athena not only

helping Telemachos, but also Odysseus' home.

In Book II, Telemachos calls for a meeting. This shows his power over

everyone, and his great strength. The resemblances that he holds of

his father are first mentioned here. During this meeting he sets up a

mission to find out if his father is alive. This chapter mentions a

situation that Penelope is in. She promised the suitors that once she

finished weaving a blanket that she would be ready to marry again. But

every night she would go t her room and unravel the blanket so that

she would not have to betray her husband. The suitors did not like

this very much. This was a sign of her love, dedication, and faith

that Odysseus was still alive. At the end of this chapter Telemachos

sets out on his journey, not telling anyone in th...

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broken she was that he left. This situation with Telemachose only

brings these emotions forward in her mind. Athena comes to Penelope in

a dream, still as someone else. Athena eases her pain. This is one

last situation that shows Athena's love toward Odysseus and his

family. She comforts Penelope but does not give her an answer of

whether or not her loved ones are alive, dead, or coming home. This is

Athena's way of not tampering with fate.

Odysseus seems like a smart, strong, loved person from all of these

encounters with his family, loved ones, friends, and gods. I believe

that is why he is not in the first few chapters. His introduction is

long for a reason. He is the kind of person who needs a long

introduction. The more we understand about him, the more we can

appreciate his stories and his need to go home.
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