Explore the role of Curley's wife in the novel

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In Of Mice and Men Steinbeck shows that Curley’s wife plays a big role in the novel. Her role is being a catalyst. This is shown as Curley's wife changes the scene immediately when Curley's wife shows up. By changing the seen I mean change other people’s expressions and looks on their faces. And Curley's wife changes the scene because, Curley's wife either seeks attention or makes others weaker that her. But her actions do have some consequences. The first way Curley’s wife seeks attention occurs when, George and Lennie are settling in the bunk house. Curley's wife does this because Curley's wife wants their from the start. Curley's wife has already gotten Lennie’s attention, however George managed to resist the temptation. Another way, Steinbeck shows that Curley's wife tries to seek attention occurs when Curley's wife wears nice clothes. For example when Curley's wife wore a red dress to get Lennie’s attention, because Lennie like to pet soft things. Curley's wife does this so that she can live the life of an actress. Since being an actress is he dream, Curley's wife was telling L...
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