Exploration of the Principles of Lighting

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Exploration of the Principles of Lighting

In this report I will be explaining the major and minor principles of

lighting, the purpose of key, fill, black and background lighting

along with the purpose of high and low keylighting. I will also be

including detailed diagrams of two scenes from a film I have worked


The more modern day purposes of lighting are in particular for it to

create a sense of realism. Along with this modern day lighting

emphasizes colour, reflection and atmosphere. In the earlier days of

film it was necessary to use extreme amounts of lighting. This was

because earlier film stock was not very sensitive to lighting. This

meant that without very bright lighting it would not be possible to

see anything which would, in effect, defeat the whole object of

creating a film.

Along with early film not being sensitive to light it also carried a

very slow film speed. This was the main reason for the lack of

sensitivity to light.

Film speed is measured in ASA numbers. The higher the ASA number, the

faster the film's speed and the lower amount of light needed to create

a picture.

ASA speeds vary all the way from 10-2000 ASA. Early film used around a

10-50 ASA whereas modern films use around a 200-300 ASA which of

course affects how much light is need. These are the following ASA


â— 10-50 ASA - Early film, needs a lot of light.

â— 100 ASA - Outdoor photography and indoors with flash.
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