Exploration Of The New World

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From the earliest stages of exploration of the new world, Indians and Europeans have always had a misconstrued and preconceived impression of the each other. Thus, sowing the seeds of failure not only the Englishmen but the Native Americans as well, but these notions come with experience. However, in the beginning the Native Americans were hospitable and curious of the settlers. The founding of the new world and the very first exploration of this new world, left a premonition of what was to come of the relationship between the natives of the land and the invading foreigners. When Christopher Columbus first landed on this unknown territory, he thought it was China. A land of mesmerizing riches such as silver, jade, and silk, if he were to establish a trade with the Chinese he would earn a hefty reward. With this in mind, this is one of the reasons that Indians and European Colonists did not have a good relationship. As mentioned, the first impression of the colonists was not a favorable one at most. The Spanish explorers discovered the empires of the Aztec and the Inca in the 1520s, ...
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