Explain The Importance Of Policies And Procedures

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Policies and procedures are an essential part of any school or organisation as they form the basis for acceptable working practice. Policies and procedures are the governing documents by which a school operates. They state aims, guidelines, statutory requirements and objectives in relation to everyday operations so nothing is left unclear, confusing or inconclusive. Policies should include the school`s aims and expectations and describe individual responsibilities. Whereas procedures detail the steps which need to be taken when responding to incidents or certain situations. Policies and procedures need to be informative, direct, clear, concise, and straight to the point. Its audience needs to easily understand what is being asked or directed…show more content…
Teachers have a responsibility of making lessons structured and engaging for all learners depending on their needs. Teaching assistants have a responsibility for supporting the teacher in keeping the pupil`s `on task` to fulfil their learning objectives. Achievement is something which needs to be celebrated and rewarded, no matter how big or small. It is not always about being the best, at our school we celebrate achievement for how much effort was put in or who has improved the most at something. Attendance is a statutory requirement and is positively encouraged. A strong emphasis is placed on homework and the role that parents/carers can play in developing and encouraging their child`s knowledge. Parental engagement has a positive impact on children`s learning and our school holds open afternoons for parents to come in and take lessons with their children.
Making a Positive Contribution We live in a diverse society, but schools have a responsibility to make every child feel welcomed and valued. Positive behaviour should be the norm and it is not acceptable to either bully or discriminate. Positive contributions are welcomed through the existence of school council`s, for example. Children now have more of a say in the decision making that is likely to have an impact on their lives. Being involved in environmental issues in school and the wider community have

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