Expertness In Counseling Essay

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In order for productive counseling sessions to take place, there must be clear communication and the client must be able to trust the professional. It is commonly believed that a societal diagnosis of flaw in mental health is caused or contained by the individual, rather than as a byproduct of societal systems. This type of individualism is a microaggression because not only does it victim shame, but these clients are also often encouraged to self-explore, so they themselves can “fix” their “own” problems. If a professional assumes a colorblind approach they may not be trying to completely understand the client’s identity and experiences, and may even minimizes these experiences because of unconscious racism (257). Black clients especially…show more content…
They are also able to decipher nonverbal meanings, such as tone of voice, body language, and gestures, in which they can sense a professional’s discomfort or biases (272). An effective client and professional relationship relies on two components including expertness and trustworthiness. “Expertness is an ability dimension while trustworthiness is a motivational component.” Expertness is expressed in how knowledgeable and trained a professional is in adequately dealing with certain clients’ issues, and is most respected when the professional displays this when addressing and recognizing diversity as an influential dynamic (273). Trustworthiness is when a professional is honest, motivated, and sincere in their interactions with the client. While ideally, it would be more beneficial for both parties, if the professional contained each vital set of therapeutic traits, this is not always the case. Sometimes, a client will excuse a therapist for lacking one of the two, and sometimes, a lack of either of these will contribute to the underutilization and not returning to these sessions
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