Experimentation on Animals is Ethical and Necessary

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Experimentation on Animals is Ethical and Necessary How is it that ensuring the safety of human lives can be perceived as immoral? It is difficult to understand that some people are more concerned with an animal’s quality of life rather than their own or a loved one’s. It is true that some experiments used to insure human safety may inflict pain upon animals, but how can it be that some people value the comfort of an animal over that of a human life. Vivisection is the experimentation on animals subjects and has often led to many significant scientific discoveries. Despite what may be believed by animal right activists, scientist do not conduct vivisection without reason; many experimental breakthroughs have come out of it, and it can be said that it will never be replaced. Scientist do not experiment on animals for the sole purpose of being cruel. The use of animals in medical research is vital to the improvement of human health and safety. In fact, it is one of the only ways to test the safety of consumer products. Although animals testing is a necessary evil, majority ...
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