Experiment of Starch Mixed with Amylase

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Experiment of Starch Mixed with Amylase Planning Aim: The aim of this experiment is to learn what happens when starch is mixed with amylase. I also intend to investigate the effects of changing one or more of the variables involved in the experiment. Key Factors: Listed below are each of the key factors featured in the experiment and the affect that each one may have upon the investigation… Temperature: The temperature of the room when the experiment is being carried out will determine the rate at which the amylase works since amylase is most efficient at body temperature, which is between 37-40°C, and less effective in more extreme conditions. This is because amylase is an enzyme, which is found inside the body; therefore it is necessary for it to be most effective in these conditions. PH Level: The optimum pH level for Amylase is approximately pH 7.5. This is the pH level of human saliva, which is the substance which amylase is found in. Saliva is a neutral substance; therefore amylase is most efficient in these conditions and may become less efficient in more acid or alkaline circumstances. Amount of Starch: The amount of starch present during the experiment is important, since the larger the amount of starch there is, the faster the amylase will break it down. This is because amylase is an enzyme, which is designed to breakdown large quantities of starch since it will usually have to handle large amounts of foods in the mouth, which contain starch. The amylase will also digest as much starch as possible since; usually the enzyme is unable to complete this before the food is swallowed. The Introductio... ... middle of paper ... ...xperiment, the fist being to repeat the investigation several more times to ensure that the curves and gradients that I find on the graphs and correct and not anomalous. The second change I would make would be to gather more results within the range especially around the body temperature, since this would provide more precise results and find out more accurately what the optimum temperature that amylase works out is. I would also have chosen to use a digital thermometer and do not rely on the human eye to take the reading and would therefore provide more accurate results. Validity - I believe that the investigation that I have carried out was a valid one since the variables that I have chosen tested the aim very well. I do not think that I would have collected such good results had I not use the variables that I did.
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