Experiment On Non Human Animal

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Experiment On non-Human Animal Laboratory experimentation of animals has been a hot topic of debate for decades. Advocates of animal’s rights think that it can never be justified because it brings sufferings to animals. They equate animal experimentation to torture. On the other hand there are those who think that humanity should have no qualms about using nature for their own ends. There are more shades of opinion in between and they are frequently reflected in debates over this emotionally and ethically charged topic. Those in favor of animal experimentation argue that it is acceptable provided that least suffering to the animals is ensured and at the same time it should also be justifiable that human benefits are gained which otherwise could not have been possible. Those in favor argue that without experimenting on animals the lifesaving drugs which are used today would not have been invented without first testing them on animals. However those against animal experimentation find the logic unacceptable because they are dead against cruelty to animals and believe that the benefits to human beings are not proven and the benefits they provide could be gained in other ways by cell culture, computer models or human volunteers and not through animal experimentations (C J M Hewett and L P Madden). Well, in my opinion, the murderous treatment of millions of animals must be put to an end immediately. From the moral point of view experimenting on non- human animals to develop products and medicines that benefit human beings should be stopped immediately and laws are to be made for its implementation. The inhuman practice of these cruel animal experimentations is not only a major ethical concern, but an incredibly dangerous... ... middle of paper ... ...h such an unethical and defective method of testing and put our community at such a great risk and that too at a great cost. Therefore let us all unite and raise our voice to ban laboratory experimentation on animals because it is immoral; it is inhuman and at the same time not a full proof procedure. References: Animal Friends. prijatelji-zivotinja.hr. n.d. Animal Friends Croatia. 7 November 2014. . C J M Hewett and L P Madden. thegreatdebate.org. 1 June 2011. 5 November 2014. . Joseph D 'Agnese. discovermagazine.com. 1 May 2002. Discover. 7 November 2014. . Peta. peta.org. 2014. 5 November 2014. .
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