Experiment Determination Of Aspirin

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The purpose of this experiment was to produce aspirin using salicylic acid and acetic acid.

Experimental Section:

There were four parts to this lab. The first experiment, was synthesizing. A 600 ml beaker was filled with water and placed on the hot plate until it boiled. The measurement was .995g. The salicylic acid was transferred into a 125 ml Erlenmeyer flask and the acetic was given by the lab instructor. Three drops of 85% phosphoric acid. While swirling and mixing more was added and then clamp onto the sing stand in the boiling water for 8 minutes. 1 mL drops of water was added in the flask. The second experiment, was crystallization. After the reaction subsided 20 mL of water was added and removed from the ring stand
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It was placed in an ice bath for 10 minutes with occasionally swirls. The third experiment, was Filteration. The vacuum filtration apparatus, the filter flask and the aspirator trap bottle was set up for this section. The crude aspirin was collected by the vacuum filtration. The sample was poured in the Buchner funnel and a about 5 mL of water was in the flask to get the last few of crystal out of the flask. After the crude aspirin dry in the beaker it weighed about 2.575 without the beaker. The final experiment, was purification. The crude aspirin was tranfer into a 125 mL Erlenmeyer flask with 3 mL of ethanol and warm on the hot plate until the aspirin dissolve. Fiver portions of about 3 mL of water was added in increments and cooled in an ice bath for about 10 minutes. After a new filter paper was add and the aspirin was placed in while the vacuum filtration was on and about 6 mL was poured in to get the last amount of…show more content…
Also, one was more moist than the other. The second reactant was whiter than the first reactant. Also, the second reactant dried faster than the first reactant.

Question 4: The weight of the crude aspirin was 2.575 g and the weight of the purified aspirin was .0316 g. The crude aspirin was cloudy than the purified aspirin. The purified was whiter than the crude aspirin. In the end, the purified aspirin had a more darker/ boler color than the crude aspirin. The explanation for the difference are the addition of 3 mL of ethanol while purifying the aspirin.

The objective was met because by completing each experiment aspirin was produce. Many things were learned from this experiment. Making aspirin was very hard, it was a long process to produce aspirin. Also, getting a 100 % yield was very hard because residue may be left from the step before or a may beaker may break and some sample may lose. Even though this lab took a very long time to complete it was very fun to see the
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