Experiment: An Estimation Of Acidity By Titration Method

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1. Estimation of Acidity by Titration Method
Aim: To determine the natural acidity of milk.
Principle: Natural acidity in milk is due to its constituents such as casein, albumin, citrates, phosphates and carbon dioxide. As the acidity in milk raises pH will decrease and denaturation of protein will occur. Apparatus: conical flask, measuring cylinder.
1. 0.1N NaOH
2. Phenolphthalein indicator
For drain: 10ml of drain is measured and taken in the funnel shaped carafe. 2-3 drops of pointer is included and titrated against 0.1N NaOH till the presence of pale pink shading. The titre esteem is noted down. The sharpness of drain is figured utilizing the beneath equation.
% acidity of milk = titre value
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Estimation of Fat in Milk
Aim: To determine the fat content in milk.
Principle: The milk is mixed with H2SO4 and iso-amyl alcohol in a special Gerber tube, permitting dissolution of the protein and release of fat. The tubes are centrifuged and the fat raising into the calibrated part of the tube is measured as a percentage of the fat content of the milk sample. The method is suitable as a routine or screening test. It is an empirical method and reproducible results can be obtained if procedure is followed correctly.
a. Sulphuric acid with a density of 1.807 to 1.812g/ml at 270C corresponding to a concentration of Sulphuric acid from 90-91% by weight.
b. Amyl alcohol for milk testing (furfural free)
1. Take Conc. Sulphuric corrosive (approx. 2ml) in Butyrometer tube.

2. Put 10.75ml. Drain in this tube now tenderly through dividers. (Exothermic response)

3. Put 1ml amyl liquor into
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Put top over it deliberately and blend delicately here and there.

5. Keep this tube in rotator for around 5min. at 1200 rpm.

6. After rotator a different oil layer would get isolated at the highest point of violet-blue blend.

7. This is fat layer. Take the readings.

Result :
Fat % = 7.9

6. Adulteration Test For Milk Through Adulteration Kit
Aim: to detect the presence of adulterants in a given milk sample.
A. Test for Detection of Sugar in Milk
put 1ml sample in a test tube and then add 1ml of Sugar Reagent. place the test tube in a boiling water btah for 5min. presence red color indicates the presence of added sugar/sucrose in milk.
Result :
Red colour is seen so sugar is present

B. Test for Detection of Salt by the use of Salt Reagent
Add of salt in milk is mainly resorted to with the aim of increasing the corrected lactometer reading.
Take 5ml salt reagent-1 .Add a couple of Drops of Salt Reagent-2 (red shading creates). At that point include 1ml drain and blend well. Appearance of yellow shading shows the nearness of Salt in drain.
Result :
Yellow colour is seen so salt is present

C. Test for Glucose presence
Poor quality glucose is sometimes added to milk to increase the lactometer
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