Experience of the Different Nation

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Experience of the Different Nation
When I usually visit any types of historical place, I always think on its background. I am curious to know what happened years ago in those places, how the people looked like, and how they survived the difficulties of that era. Actually, I am an emotional person especially when I heard on history because I feel captured by the interesting events. Moreover, I feel lost by traveling and going back in years trying to leave the same experiences. The same happened to me before going to visit Boston Tea Party place. Being sincere, at the beginning I thought that Tea Party was a simple celebration where people well-dressed went to taste a special tea. In my first history classes, I learned more about it, and I realized that wasn’t like my mind drew it. Thus, when I was at loco and I observed its background, I understood that it was not enjoyable place at all for them. However, that place is the personification of the nation itself.
It was snowing when I got my ticket for going to Boston Tea Party, and interestingly the museum was open. I was surprised and happy about that, but at the same time I would like to have been there after two hundred and forty years and two days later of Tea Party. I had a chance to feel more or less the same weather condition. I have been living in Boston about four years, and I used to study in downtown but I never went to visit that place, I just oversaw it. All the time that I was passing over it, I didn’t notice that amazing, spectacular view of the harbor and between the two small bridges there is a pleasant decorated ship. Nevertheless, the decorated ship always has taken my attention, and I planned to go there one day, but my laziness didn’t allow me. Finally I pur...

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...ing even though the movie was also loudly but my voice was coming over it. And after that we were leaving the movie theater everybody had tears in their eyes and sharing the sensation about the movie.
Therefore our guide told us that we can climb up to ship and see the Abigail’s Tea Room. As a tea lover I was so pleased to me. The tea was free and there were different blended of fresh brewed tea was waiting for us. Obviously I did not like most of these teas; they were to bitter taste to me. I took some pictures from the ship to magnificent harbor view. In conclusion, I visited Museum of Fine Arts, New York museums as well none of them did not give me that excited and emotional feeling. It was my most excellent enjoyable experience that I ever visit a historical museum. Contained by I had and an experience about pretending and being a different nationality person.

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