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"Just think of it!" Arthur was nearly skipping through the palace next to the Queen. "I mean a whole new country! Or at least that's what Russia said. Anyways, more land! Plus the chance of natural springs."

Queen Victoria laughed. "I understand your excitement, Arthur. But we simply cannot rush into these things. I need to consult Parliament, and then you might have your expedition."

The country regarded his Queen as a motherly figure and calmed himself down, realizing he nearly lost his gentlemanly status. Did he really just run through the Palace dragging Her Majesty along with him? "I understand, ma'am. When does Parliament convene next?"

Victoria took Arthur's arm and began to walk fashionably down the corridor. "Tomorrow evening. I will propose your idea for you, because I do think it is absolutely splendid, Arthur," She could feel him start to fidget with excitement. "But, in the meantime, I need your help."


They had reached the Entrance Hall. "I will spread the word through the politicians so they will be ready for tomorrow. I need you to spread the word through the citizens so that we will have the people on our side also. If there is enough people convinced that this 'expedition' will actually work, then the doubting minority will be spoken over."

Arthur turned to face his Queen and leaned down to gently graze his lips on her bony knuckles. "That is perfect, Your Majesty. I will get to work immediately."


"New Country! England's for the taking!"

Arthur patted the newspaper boy on the head and passed him a couple shillings. "Good work m'boy. Thank you for helping me convince them to change the headline."

The boy nodded. "Thanks, sir!"

Arthur was about to turn and leave, but stopped and turned back. "W...

... middle of paper ... rags and covered in filth. Everyday when he went to the docks to check the trade, he would find sickly children wondering the barrels- searching for a scrap of food.

It wasn't just England that was having the problem. He had received word from Alfred, Ludwig, and many other countries that they're population of homeless was becoming far too large. Arthur heard that America tried to solve he problem by taking aid of the Industrial Revolution and making as many factories as possible for jobs. Though apparently a unexpected outcome that had shocked Alfred was the fact that children where working dangerously long shifts. Yet again, the personifications barely got a word in government and were forced to follow orders.

Arthur sighed, nearing his home, he would have to began plans tonight if he want to beat a claim from any other country that was bound to happen.
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