Expectations In Great Expectations

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“Great Expectations” Summary & Character Chart (Ch.’s 6-15) Fill out the following “Summary Chart” with a brief explanation of each chapter after you read Ch. 6. After the convict had been arrested, Pip and Joe goes back home to finish their Christmas Dinner. They left before hand because the policed asked the two to participate to look for the convict. Pip tells the story to the people that were at the christmas dinner. Pip doesn't feel right about what had happened when the police caught the convict because he probably wasn't telling the truth. Ch. 7 After many many days have passed searching for the convict, Pip still feels the regret inside of him because of not telling the truth. The character Biddy is introduced when Pip goes to school. They later become friends. Meanwhile, Pip is still struggling to read and write in school Ch. 8 Mr. Pumblechook is giving some lessons to Pip because he is still developing in hi learning Problems. He is still having some difficulty learning math. Pumblechook takes Pip to Ms. Havisham's house to play. Havisham is introduced in ...

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