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Expanding to China The purpose of this proposal is to explore the potential challenges involved in expanding business activities in China. Of specific concerns are (1) the need to identify expatriates; (2) recruit local talent to staff the business units; (3) develop those employed in the expansion project; and (4) identify and address cross-culture issues that will inevitably emerge and determine the most efficient and effective strategies for addressing the deployment of expatriates and local talent. In attempting to respond to these challenges substantial research was done, providing guidance, which can be considered in the expansion efforts. Expats versus Hiring Local Talent In pursuing expansion into the China market, the company must determine the most appropriate means for performing its business duties, specifically whether to employ expatriates or rely exclusively on hiring local talent. According to David Ahlstrom, Michael N. Young, and Anil Nair, in their article, "Navigating China's Feudal Governance Structures: Some Guidelines for Foreign Enterprises", many foreign businesses face considerable operational problems , such as running joint ventures or managing a local workforce that is a significant distance away from their headquarters (Ahlstrom, Young, & Nair, 2003). Consequently, an integrated approach to pursuing business activities is more desirable. Such an approach would utilize expatriates that possess knowledge of the products, services and overall formal business processes of the company as well as the employing of local talent, which are not only familiar with the culture and traditions of the locality, but will benefit considerably from the employment and training opportunities offered by the compa... ... middle of paper ... ...ncounters China's guanxi. Public Relations Quarterly 46(2), 16+. Retrieved from http://www.questia.com/read/5035448126?title=American%20Public%20Relations%20Networking%20Encounters%20China's%20Guanxi Jefferson, G.H., Hu, A.G.Z., & Su, J. (2006). The sources and sustainability of China's economic growth. Brookings Papers on Economic Activity 2, 1+. Retrieved from http://www.questia.com/read/5019875783 J Lin, C.C., Tu, R., Chen, K., & Tu, P. (2007). The changing expectations of consumers in cross-cultural service encounters. International Management Review 3(3), 27+. Retrieved from http://www.questia.com/read/5035128037?title=The%20Changing%20Expectations%20of%20Consumers%20in%20Cross-cultural%20Service%20Encounters Li, C.L. (2009). Managing business relationship development: A cross-cultural perspective. Portugese Journal of Management Studies XIV(2), 123-147.

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